The relationship between quirky kid and a baseball star is at the heart of this funny and heartwaming story.

Twelve-year-old Joey Margolis needs of a hero. His rich father divorced his mother, leaving her nearly broke. Now she and her baseball loving, wisecracking son are the only Jews living in a sea of Brooklyn Italians. Alone and lonely, picked on by neighborhood hooligans, Joey loses himself in the thing he loves best: baseball. But it’s not enough for his team to win. Joey wants something special. He wants Charlie Banks, an up-and-coming star with the 1940 New York Giants, to hit a home run for him—like the Babe did for that other poor kid. Putting pen to paper, he writes Banks a letter. Then another. . . And what begins as a wish from a young boy to a player he idolizes develops into a wonderful friendship that will change them both.

Told through letters, postcards, notes, telegrams, newspaper clippings, report cards, and even ticket stubs, this hilarious and heartwarming story full of wonder, innocence, and hope, is sure to charm and inspire all who fall under its spell.

Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger

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