Welcome to The Curious Reader bookstore!



Our purpose

At The Curious Reader, we focus on educating children by inspiring curiosity and building a lifelong love of learning by opening their eyes to the fantastic world of literature. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is adept at matching children with books that will stimulate active interest in furthering their own education. Because the reader actually picks the book out for his or herself, the resulting benefit is personalized and thus more effective. When a parent or teacher visits, our staff will guide them to the relevant section based on the child’s reading level. They will then consult with the parent or teacher to understand the interests of the reader and recommend a select number of books the reader is most likely to enjoy.

Easy access in a relaxed atmosphere

Our children’s bookstore is designed to provide children, parents and teachers of the Glen Rock community easy access to books of appropriate difficulty and depth for their situation. The Curious Reader has a staff of avid readers who are happy to steer you in the direction of the kind of book you are looking for. We take as much pride in our selection of classics as we do in our lesser-known left-field beauties. At The Curious Reader, we want you to enjoy the book as much as we did.

We invite you to visit our children’s bookstore to experience the pleasing environment and hands-on learning in action! We are glad to answer all questions before you come by – just call us in Glen Rock at 201-444-1918 any time during business hours.